Key Collection

The topics within this collection are not dealt in keeping with common standards for informative books. We are not content with providing a number of references and facts. This has already been done. Our primary goal is to encourage reflection and critical thinking in young readers, and to trigger off their innate curiosity so that we can bring them closer to knowledge.

Its name KEY reflects both the focus on critical issues to humankind and, thus, crucial to the expansion of knowledge; and the way they are dealt with, taking into account different yet fundamental viewpoints which arouse the reader’s curiosity for more, and create interest in new cultural experiences.

All of the titles in this collection are intended to be used from Grade 4 onwards; the latter being for guidance only.

The KEY collection is made up of four series, all of them based on today’s complex affairs and thinking of tomorrow’s world; they are: Photon, Habit, Person, High-flier.