The amazing instrument

This is a collection of nonfiction books as a final product of a chain that runs from bookstores, libraries, publishing/printers, authors and those who live in them. Its history, evolution and vicissitudes. 

The book is conceived as a legacy for human history. They keep the memory of humanity. They are also the product of a long process spanning the written words to become that “amazing instrument” that allow us to know(us), dream and imagining other worlds.

Designed for children (who already read) and young adults, not to mention that they may be subject to collections for books lovers of all ages.


  • Where the books wait. Libraries and their types around the world.
  • Where books live. Libraries, from historical to the most emblematic of today without leaving aside the personal and the ones which begin to assemble the children.
  • Where books are conceived. The imagination of man, his thinking, publishers and printers, stages of book production.
  • How are the books? Their forms and contents through history, the forbidding, the magical those which inform us and the books that make us dream.
  • Those who live in the books. Characters, stories and bugs that destroy them.