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At Full Risk
  • Author: Leopoldo Tablante
  • Illustrated by: Miguel Mansilla
  • Graphic Design: Elena Terife, Natalie Flores
  • Category: Informative, Literature
  • Sub-category: Social Sciences, Sports

Children feel a special attraction towards sports, particularly those that pose a challenge, that constitute an adventure. This book covers most of the extreme sports, with very clear explanations as to how they should be practiced, the equipment needed, and the dangers involved if they are not practiced properly. But also, what kind of people practices them, and what historic events have contributed to their emergence. The book is suitable for any subject matter on social sciences. It comes with a teacher’s guide with ideas for classroom activities.

Keeping an eye out for the interest of youth in sports and competition, this series brings us closer to the most outstanding athletes and the most popular sports throughout the world.

  • Front cover: 
  • Cardboard 2mm
  • Lined with coated paper
  • Grammage: 150 gsm
  • Ink: 4×0
  • Finish: mate laminate
  • Format: vertical
  • Spine: square


  • Body:
  • Paper: glossy mate
  • Basis weight / Grammage: 150 gsm
  • Ink: 4×4
  • Number of pages: 32 with folio
  • Interior size (W x H): 7.48 x 9.45 in (19 x 24 cm)
  • Total number of pages: 34
  • Page spread: 2 center pages
  • Binding: Hardcover. Thread-sewn
  • Other specifications: No dust jacket. No flap


  • ISBN 9806573013
  • High-flier Series
  • Free rights for all countries and languages