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The Machine of Surprises
  • Original idea, text and illustrations: Mariana Alcántara Pedraza
  • Graphic design and typographic composition: Aitor Muñoz Espinoza
  • Proofreading: Maribel Espinoza
  • Category: Fiction

This book explores the stages of the creative process, focused on the music, but common to all areas of knowledge that are desired to access. Its reading is an invitation to discover, explore and implement creativity but also the effort, study and perseverance without which cannot be achieved the mastery of any task. Through entertaining and attractive images, the story unfolds in everyday situations and spaces where ideas are close to anyone who wants to discover them.

  • Front cover: 
  • Carboard 2mm
  • Lined with coated paper
  • Format: sqaure
  • Spine: square
  • Body:
  • Papel: matte
  • Peso/Gramaje: 175 g.
  • Ink: 4×4
  • Number of pages: 48. Carries guards
  • Interior size (W x H): 26 x 26 cm
  • Binding: hardcover. Thread-sewn
  • ISBN 978-980-6573-21-5