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Uncle Tiger and Uncle Rabbit
  • Oral version: Belén (La Nena) Calanche
  • Adapted by: Jeanette León
  • Creative Direction and Graphic Design: Gabriela Fontanillas (VACA)
  • Illustrated by: Idana Rodríguez

This is an oral version adapted from a Venezuelan folk tale that is shared with other Latin American countries. Uncle Tiger and Uncle Rabbit embody the power of the force, and cunning that develop the weakest to get out of the situations they face. Customs, native animals and onomatopoeia, funny passages and remarks that keep the reader looking for details. The end leads to several interpretations.
Beautifully illustrated, cutting edge design in which typography, as part of the illustration, stands out.
Designed for children who have not yet learned to read or are starting to read, in order to arouse interest in reading and help them focus attention on those fun details that are part of the cognitive constructions of the early stages of life.
Accompanied by a guide with ideas for the exchange between those who read and those who look and listen.

  • Front cover: 
  • Cardboard 2mm
  • Lined with coated paper
  • Format: horizontal
  • Spine: square


  • Body:
  • Paper: glossy matte
  • Basis weight / Grammage: 200 gsm
  • Ink: 4×4
  • Number of pages: 46
  • Interior size (W x H): 27 x 17 cm
  • Binding: hardcover. Thread-sewn


  • ISBN 978-980-6573-20-8
  • Free rights for all countries and languages