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A Networked World
  • Author: María Eugenia Esté
  • Illustrated by: Idana Rodríguez
  • Graphic Design: Elena Terife, Natalie Flores
  • Category: Informative, Literature
  • Sub-category: Science

At present, we all are part of many networks that, like cobwebs, connect us with their strands, almost always invisible. It doesn’t matter where you are, at home, at school or in your vehicle, you just need to open a faucet, turn a key, or simply push a button to become part of a huge hyperlinked web.

This series provides an overview of ground-breaking, revolutionary scientific and technological notions; discoveries, inventions and scientists that have brought about a turnaround in the history of humankind, and their connection with daily life.

(This book has a different format)

  • Front cover:
  • Softcover, co-laminated
  • Grammage: 150 gsm
  • Ink: 4×0
  • Finish: sulfate 0.14
  • Format: vertical Spine: square


  • Body:
  • Paper: glossy mate
  • Basis weight / Grammage: 150 gsm
  • Ink: 4×4
  • Number of pages: 32 with folio
  • Interior size (W x H): 7.48 x 9.45 in (19 x 24 cm)
  • Total number of pages: 34
  • Page spread: 2 center pages
  • Binding: Softcover, colaminated, thread-sewn, heat-sealed


  • ISBN 978-980-6573-18-5
  • Photon Series
  • Free rights for all countries and languages